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The six of us have been friends for almost 20 years, spending that time winemaking, marketing, vine tending, making money, food and designing.

The combination is a pretty tasty recipe, especially when you grow on some of the most exciting Pinot Noir & Riesling sites in New Zealand. Together we are the perfect fit, or the tongue in the groove.

Our home base is The Food Farm, a permaculture property in the heart of the Waipara Valley, North Canterbury. It’s farmed using organic and biodynamic principles.

Many years of friendship and a love of wine & food brings us all together, and just like the ingredients in a good meal, we each contribute something important to the table.

Come and join us.

  • Collecting wakame seaweed
  • Homemade salami from our pigs for pizzas tonight
  • This is spring on TheFoodFarm An infinite number of seedlingshellip
  • As a wicked storm has her way with our hometownhellip
  • A small boy collection of treasures The row marking stickshellip
  • The TongueInGroove LittleStomper orange wine makes it into the pageshellip
  • Its as if someone pressed an invisible button amp suddenlyhellip
  • Find of the weekend an old bacon slicer from ahellip