Bright Lights, Big City

Sydney’s unbroken pace & energy


When you live in the country there’s something about stepping out onto a busy street in the middle of a big city.

It makes me suck in my breath, inhaling life, elevating me to another level of alertness. I have to move quickly to avoid being in the way, change my pace and rhythm to fit into those around me.

I enjoy the energy and speed and imagine the collective consciousness and possibilities. I’m acutely aware of the towering buildings, a hangover from being in the CBD during Christchurch’s big earthquake. The awareness isn’t just fear though, much of it is wonder or even a joy at being in an unbroken city with buildings decades or centuries old, all still in one piece. It creates a sense of perfection or wholeness.

Restaurant bustle at Mr Wong

I love Sydney. I find it exciting to see my wines on a wine list in the middle of a bustling restaurant. It feels such a long way away from the vineyard where the vines are still snoozing, taking their winter respite. And yet here they are, the fruit of all that faraway labour, up in lights in the big city.

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