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The spring of 2017 was warm without frosts which lead to an excellent flowering; all in all a great start to the season. The summer had some very warm spells and then bouts of rain keeping the canopies healthy. Late February provided a little more rain than wanted but in the last two weeks of March warm Nor’ West winds blew strongly, drying up the canopy and ripened the grapes to perfection. These winds resulted in an early harvest but with grapes that were ripe with intense flavours thus giving us an excellent vintage.


The grapes were sourced from Guy Porters vineyard, Home Block and Haydon Good’s property on George’s Rd. The soils consist of free draining gravels with a top soil of windblown loess. These free draining gravelly soils are ideal for growing aromatic varieties such as Pinot Gris (PG), Gewurztraminer (Gew) and Muscat (M), resulting in wines with hedonistic perfumed aromas and intense flavours on the palate.


Orange Wine involves making white wine using techniques that are typically used for red wine production. Basically using age old methods and making wine the way it was thousands of years ago; that of very minimal intervention. Putting the grapes in the vat and letting the wine make itself. In this year one vat was 100% whole bunch Pinot Gris and Gew where the cap was wet every day with juice drawn from the bottom of the tank. This gave a very gentle extraction producing a wine with silky mouth coating tannins even though the stems were included in the fermentation. The other vats again 100% whole bunch with PG, Gew and M. Both vats produced wines with intense aromas, a generosity on the palate but with excellent tannins giving balance and structure to the aromas and flavours. Natural yeast and bacteria carried out both fermentations and the wine was bottled in December without fining or filtration of any sort. The wine is slightly cloudy and will throw a small deposit in the bottle. Very low levels of sulphur dioxide were added just prior to bottling ensuring ageing for the next 1-2 years.


This wine has intense aromas of Gewurztraminer (Gew); rose water, Turkish delight and hints of orange blossom from the Muscat. These aromas and flavours are supported by interesting peppery, earthy and chalky nuances due to the stems in the fermentation. The palate is rich and full with mouth coating tannins (extracted from both the stems and skins) giving a salivating texture balancing the gorgeous forward fruit typical of Gew and Muscat. This wine is incredibly drinkable and an excellent food match as the tannins will cut the richness of most dishes and give lasting pleasure in the glass.

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