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The Tongue

It’s all very well walking the walk, but at the end of the day there has to be someone to talk the talk. That’s this woman. Man can she talk, tweet, blog and talk.

Angela Clifford represents New Zealand Riesling and Pinot Noir on social media platforms. Aha, yep. She is, in fact, Summer of Riesling Girl, and may well be considered by some as Pinot Madam.

To keep things consistent she is also a Roseworthy graduate and she learnt much of her storytelling ability at the ‘Rockford school of wine’ in the Barossa Valley.

She has long been interested in community and originally established the Barossa Valley Farmers Market and was vice chair for the NZ Farmers Market Executive. Pretty much all over local food then. She’s also the milk maiden, cheesemaker and mushroom forager of the group.

The Groove

Very seldom do good looks, intelligence and natural talent exist in one being, but this woman has scored the trifecta. Lynnette Hudson is one of Lincoln University’s best graduates, has a seriously good palate, and is not a woman to be trifled with. Scratch the surface though, and there’s a heart of Riesling coloured gold underneath.

Lynnette represents New Zealand on the highfalutin international Riesling board thingee, and consults regionally and individually throughout the world. She’s consider by many to be one of NZ’s best winemakers. That’s up there.

The Groove has a passion for transforming what grows closest to hand into all manner of deliciousness.

The Vine Tender

Graduate from Roseworthy Campus, University of Adelaide our Vine Tender has spent the last 18 years coaxing vines and growing grapes on both sides of the Tasman, including managing the vines for Penfolds and Seppelts in the Barossa Valley.

Since 2004 Nick Gill has developed and managed the vineyard of one of the stars of the Waipara Valley. Recently he was asked to comment nationally on Chardonnay and is well respected within the industry.

He loves growing anything and has a personal philosophy aligned with organic and biodynamic agriculture. He’s a keen hunter and a seriously good cook, he believes in paying respect to the animal and using as much of it as possible. Definitely the hunter gatherer of the group.

The Aesthete

Born into a family of natural beauties Carolyn Reid keeps an overall eye on the look and feel of Tongue in Groove.

She’s our conscience, our morals (well, there had to be someone…..) and the person with the finger on the pulse of the aesthetics of the wine and food, the look and feel. Another Roseworthy graduate and the only qualified chef in the family.

She has a background and understanding of natural and organic food. Therefore we probably don’t need to mention….. she can definitely cook!

The Sugar Daddy

Let’s not beat around the bush. This is not an industry for those without money (which is most of the rest of us- what were we thinking?).

Everything you would ever want in a Sugar Daddy. Charles Reid is a genuinely nice guy. A winemaker who again was a Roseworthy graduate, worked at Fromm, set up the original Greystone on the banks of the Waipara River – a close planted Chardonnay and Pinot vineyard. Totally got it before many people, still has it.

One of the directors of the most significant family business in the country, he brings serious business acumen to the table. He’s only ever served us his gravalax salmon dish, which is lovely, but it means we actually have no idea whether he can cook or not…

The Silent One

The silent one is a silent partner in the business. He has to remain so because he is wanted in multiple jurisdictions. This adds weight to the rumour that he’s a double agent and as such we’ve had to put him deep, deep under cover.

Make no mistake though, he is a vital piece in the Tongue in Groove jigsaw. We operate on a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. Just don’t go there…

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